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How Much Does A 137b Inspection Cost?

If you’re asking this question, then you’re no doubt in the process of arranging a 137B Owner Builder Defects Report in preparation to sell your home. The Building Act 1993 Section 137B stipulates that if an owner builder is selling a property where construction works took place within the last six years and six months, they must […]

How Long Does A 137b Inspection Take?

This is one of two questions that property owners tend to ask themselves as soon as the topic of 137B building inspections comes up (the other being, how much does it cost?). For those who are learning about 137B Owner Builder Defects Reports for the first time, the Building Act 1993 Section 137B refers to construction works that […]

Tips to Help you Sell Your Home

When selling your home It is important to present it as best you can, things like first appearance or the street view are very important but you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make a big difference. If you are on a budget there are plenty of little things you can […]

Why choose SSPI?

Why choose me and SSPI to do your 137B owner builders defect report or your  pre purchase inspection and report.? I started life as a carpenter, did my apprenticeship the worked for years as a carpenter so I know how and why a home is put together the way it is. Then I progressed onto becoming a builder […]

Is your inspector qualified?

Hi again, In this article I’m going to discuss the difference between fully qualified, well trained and experienced inspectors, part time sub-contractors carrying out inspections and also “Franchisees”. A lot of people don’t realize this but only a building inspector fully accredited and Licensed with the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) are legally allowed to call themselves […]

Inspections all over Melbourne

Hi again, I travel all over Melbourne doing building inspections such as 137B owner builder reports, pre purchase reports or any other types of reports.  I have seen that the northern suburbs, southern suburbs, eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne all have very different soil types and differing terrain. Which can lead to different defects and […]