What Is A 137B Report? A Beginner’s Guide

A 137B Report earns its name from The Building Act 1993 Section 137B, which concerns any construction work that has been carried out by an Owner Builder who now wants to sell the property within 6.6 years of the work being completed.

Under this Act, an owner builder who is looking to sell their home within 6 years and 6 months of completing any building works on the property must acquire a 137B Defects Inspection Report (also commonly referred to as the Section 137B Report). This report must be prepared by a registered building inspector and must list defects and incomplete works noted.

What should be included in a 137B Owner Builder Defects Report?

Reports listing defects in the building/s to include, but are not restricted to, conditions of the following building elements:

  • Site drainage
  • Footings 
  • Subfloor
  • Frame 
  • External walls 
  • Internal walls and ceilings
  • Floor and wall tiling 
  • External roof 
  • Internal roof conditions
  • Built-in fittings/joinery 
  • Doors/windows 
  • Fireplaces/solid fuel heaters
  • Plumbing and drainage 
  • Fixed appliances 
  • Flyscreens
  • Driveways, paving, retaining walls, fencing, garages, carports, workshops, swimming pools or spas where constructed as part of the major domestic building contract.

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