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Make Your Home Purchase Stress-free

Solid Start Property Inspections specialise in residential property inspections in Melbourne.

Your new home purchase might be the largest and most exciting decision you make. So, it makes sense for your peace of mind to have a private, fully qualified building inspector do a thorough inspection on your behalf at certain stages.

We make sure your builder has completed every stage in compliance with the relevant building codes and standards and practices. This way, if we do find missed defects or mistakes, your builder can be notified and they can be rectified at that stage saving a lot of stress and costs later. So, you can feel reassured about your builder and home build.

All our inspections are carried out using our very detailed point form reports so no necessary points or issues are missed.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an unbiased and accurate visual property examination conducted by our registered building inspector. We look at the following aspects of your home while undertaking your new home stage inspection:

Slab Stage (pre concrete pour)

The first inspection is carried out prior to pouring concrete. We make sure that everything has been set up in compliance with the approved engineer’s design, the working drawings and the relevant Australian standards.

The slab inspection is important, as missed defects in floor slabs can cause serious problems in the future.

At the Pre-slab stage SSPI check:

  • all beam sizes, correct membrane placement,
  • The steel for correct size, layout, correct overlap,
  • clearances to exposed slab edges, correct tying and lapping ,
  • placement of penetrations  (plumbing) termite barrier fitting
  • as well as floor height, setout (position on the property) and more.

Frame Stage

Also a very important structural inspection carried out after the framing is completed.

Again we make sure that everything has been built up in compliance with the approved engineer’s design, the working drawings and the relevant Australian standards.

At frame stage SSPI check,

  • Room sizes, window placements,
  • Engineering, timber sizes, beam and lintel sizes,
  • Correct fixings, spacing’s,
  • correct bracing,
  • Posi struts or flor joist fixings, blocking and support,
  • Truss fixing, bracing and hold down points and more.

The frame stage inspection is also very important, as missed defects can cause serious problems in the future.

Lock-Up Stage

After your home is “Locked up”, this inspection is carried out prior to the lining of the walls and ceilings. This is important because a lot of trades work in the frame area and cut, move or alter the frame at this stage so it is important to re check the frame for this reason and the reasons below.

This inspection is not a fully structural inspection but more of a compliance inspection to make sure all the works done to this stage are complying with all the relevant codes and standards and to a high standard.

Some of the things reviewed at this stage are:

  • The wall frames are straightened, plumb  and fixed correctly,
  • The window frames for correct installation
  • The waterproofing if installed,
  • The insulation in the walls if installed,
  • Al the external works like the brickwork for correct laying and placement on the slab or footings.
  • Correct placing of expansion joints, weep holes etc
  • Eave linings fitted,
  • Downpipes correctly placed and installed
  • External doors fitted correctly,
  • The shower bases for correct installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • The baths for proper support
  • And more ..

Final / Handover Stage.

This is the last inspection prior to the builder handing the home over to you. It is important to do the final inspection to make sure your builder has complied with your contractual agreement and list of fittings and fixtures.

At this stage SSPI check:

  • stair tread heights, handrail heights,
  • sanitary compartment requirement, shower screens.
  • quality of finishes such as painting, tiling correct fit off,
  • smoke detectors, caulking to tiled areas, windows and doors,
  • energy rating requirements,
  • correct fitting  of  appliances and more.

For your reassurance and peace of mind at this exciting time contact Ian at SSPI on 0417 383 332 and organise your all-important stage inspections today.

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