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Solid Start Property Inspections boasts Beaconsfield’s most reliable inspection and report services. We are fully knowledgeable, with many years of experience in the business. We monitor the building process to see to it is all above board, inspect existing houses before you buy and a complete range of other reports and inspections. 

A fully-qualified building inspector for frame and stage inspections, 137B reports and more

Owner, Ian Stewart is a registered builder and carpenter, which means he has the qualified knowledge to conduct quality inspections and provide precise, trustworthy reports. Checking for compliance at every stage of your building project is beneficial and Ian brings his experience, which ensures you don’t miss anything and increase the chances of expensive damage in the future. 

Even small mistakes or oversights in the early stages of the building can bring expensive problems later on along the road. This makes it vital to take care that all the steps are closely watched for quality and accuracy.

A thorough range of inspections and reports when you’re purchasing or building in Beaconsfield 

We have a thorough range of solutions available, with inspections and reports that include:

Solid Start Property Inspections is an extensive service, which means that you won’t miss or forget any inspections or overlook any reports. Once we take on your project, you can rest assured that each stage will be taken care of by our team. We make it easy to keep track of the reports and inspections you’ve had conducted by doing it for you.

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We will be happy to give all the expertise you require to make an informed decision and make sure you get the ideal reports for your precise project specifications. Call us today on 0477 100 118 to speak with our team or leave your information in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We take pride in our commitment to customer support and happiness and we look forward to helping with your next project.

To get your inspections underway, to ask for a quote, or to just find out more, contact our team today.

Our comprehensive Solid Start Inspection Reports provide you with all the details you need to make informed decisions about your property. 

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