Why choose SSPI?

Why choose me and SSPI to do your 137B owner builders defect report or your  pre purchase inspection and report.?

I started life as a carpenter, did my apprenticeship the worked for years as a carpenter so I know how and why a home is put together the way it is.

Then I progressed onto becoming a builder and acquired the knowledge over time how to from the foundations up build a house correctly that would stand the test of time.

Then I re-studied and re-trained a few years ago and now…

I am one of those qualified Building Inspectors registered with the VBA and after doing approx 2500 mandatory inspections I have the experience it takes to not only inspect a property and recognize minor and possibly major defects, but be able to diagnose where and why they have occurred.

Also, only a Building Inspector registered with the VBA is legally allowed to do the 137B owner builder defects reports.

So again guys I say,

It is  important when ordering a building inspection you really need to use a fully qualified, well trained and experienced inspector.

The cost of an inspection from an experienced and qualified inspector and a let’s say a “less qualified” consultant will be basically the same.

So I suggest that you do a little homework when you’re looking for a building inspector check their qualifications, experience and are they fully insured?

And if that building inspector happens to be me you’d like to hire great !

But if not I help the information I have provided helps you find yourself one of the good experienced building inspectors out there.

Good Luck with your buying or selling ????