Is your inspector qualified?

Hi again,

In this article I’m going to discuss the difference between fully qualified, well trained and experienced inspectors, part time sub-contractors carrying out inspections and also “Franchisees”.

A lot of people don’t realize this but only a building inspector fully accredited and Licensed with the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) are legally allowed to call themselves a “building Inspector”.

These are the ones you should engage to do your 137B owner builders report or pre purchase inspection and report.

Make sure you choose an actual ‘Building Inspector’.

Watch out for some “building inspection” companies using the term “building consultant“ and or inspections are carried out by “registered builders”.

Some of these registered builders I’m sure have been in the industry for years with tons of building experience under their belts’ and are well qualified to inspect homes.

Others however may have the VBA qualification DB-L which stands for “Domestic Builder, Limited”.  This qualification means they are limited in the type of building they can carry out, such as kitchen renovations, decks, carports and pergolas.  So with this limited qualification they may not have had the relevant training to assess the structural integrity of a whole dwelling.

Then you get another level all together,

As the private building inspection industry is not regulated anyone can call themselves a “building consultant”.

Yea really!,

You can literally leave your chosen field as say a baker one day and start a business as a consultant doing building inspections.

SO their reports are considered their “Opinion” and that “Opinion” is based on what qualification?

A little example for you,

When I was working as a building Inspector doing mandatory inspections of which I’ve done approx 2500 (the inspections that have to be done when a new home is being built) for a national building surveying company I was doing a 2 storey frame inspection in Cranbourne and the owners had their own private inspector there also doing a frame inspection.

On the day my computer was playing up and I couldn’t load up the engineering plans to check the structural beams / lintels etc for their correct size and support so I asked the private inspector if I could have a look at his engineering plans for the home please?

He said “Oh we don’t get them.”

So what does he check at frame stage?

I was shocked.

The frame of a house is its skeleton, its structure, everything else is held up or supported by it!.

So the most important part of a frame inspection is to check the frame is constructed exactly as the checked, approved and stamped engineering plans and specifications say.

Once again guys,

It is very important when ordering a building inspection you really need to use a fully qualified, well trained and experienced inspector to do your 137 B owner builders report or pre purchase inspection and report.

The cost of an inspection from an experienced and qualified inspector and a let’s say a “less qualified” consultant  will be basically the same.

So I suggest do a little homework when you’re looking for a building inspector check their qualifications, experience and are they fully insured?

And if that building inspector happens to be me you’d like to hire great!

But if not please find yourself one of the good experienced ones out there.

Good Luck with your buying or selling ????