Inspections all over Melbourne

Hi again,

I travel all over Melbourne doing building inspections such as 137B owner builder reports, pre purchase reports or any other types of reports.  I have seen that the northern suburbs, southern suburbs, eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne all have very different soil types and differing terrain. Which can lead to different defects and possible future issues with your home.

In the south its nice and flat and basically a sandy soil which according to the engineers is about the best base you can get.

In the North, the soil is a black dirt, sometimes with a lot of “floaters” (loose rocks) under the ground which require a different type of foundation engineering, therefore we need to look for different issues than to say, the south.

The west is pretty flat and basically the same as the north but some areas have a lot more rock underground.

When doing building inspections in the East of Melbourne we are mainly looking at homes on a clay base, which can shrink and expand with the seasons as it absorbs moisture.  The eastern suburbs of Melbourne can also have a lot of hilly areas which can lead to subsidence or downhill movement of a house over time.

So for your peace of mind it is very important when ordering a building inspection you really need to use a fully qualified, well trained and experienced building inspector to carry out your inspection and provide you a report.

You will also find the cost of an inspection from an experienced and qualified inspector and a let’s say a “less qualified” consultant will be basically the same.

So I suggest that you do a little homework when you’re looking for a building inspector check their qualifications, experience and are they fully insured?

And if that building inspector happens to be me you’d like to hire, great !

But if not I hope the paragraph above will help you find yourself one of the good experienced ones out there.

Good Luck buying or selling ????