How Long Does A 137b Inspection Take?

This is one of two questions that property owners tend to ask themselves as soon as the topic of 137B building inspections comes up (the other being, how much does it cost?).

For those who are learning about 137B Owner Builder Defects Reports for the first time, the Building Act 1993 Section 137B refers to construction works that have been carried out by an owner builder, who now wants to sell the property within 6.5 years of the works being completed.

The Act stipulates that owner builders who decide to sell their property within six years and six months of completing construction works must obtain a 137B Defects Inspection Report. This report describes the building works, whether it’s an entire home or just a carport, deck, garage, home extension or similar works.

How long do these inspections take?

The average 137B building inspection takes between 15 minutes and one hour, however, there are a number of factors that can affect the length of time an inspection takes. These factors include:

  • The amount of the owner builder works that have been completed.

Please note that 137B inspections can only be carried out by registered building inspectors or surveyors, builders, architects, structural engineers and drafts persons engaged in the building industry.

How long does it take to receive the report post-inspection?

Aside from the actual inspection itself, you also need to allow time for the inspector to compile a report. At Solid Start Property Inspections, we provide 137B Owner Builder Defects reports anywhere in Melbourne with a 24-hour turnaround – this is remarkably fast in comparison to other property inspection services.

Not only do our reports comply with your conveyancing requirements, but (if required) they’ll enable you to obtain owner builder warranty insurance.

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